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Riptide Teardrop Campers (Australie) Previe10

Riptide Teardrop Campers (Australie)

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Riptide Teardrop Campers (Australie) Empty Riptide Teardrop Campers (Australie)

Message par schoq le Mer 10 Mai 2017, 11:18

Riptide Teardrop Campers (Australie) Websit10

Riptide Teardrop Campers (Australie)

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Riptide Teardrop Campers (Australie) Riptid10
Riptide Teardrop Campers (Australie) Freest10
Our base model teardrop camper is the Freestyle.
It’s lighter is weight with an ATM of 750kg, and lighter in price, but big in Size and Value!
The Freestyle allows you to add options as you wish, and spec your camper your way, or…  is ready to hitch and go just as is. You don’t NEED to add anything to get away, anytime.

Riptide Teardrop Campers (Australie) Breeze10
Riptide Teardrop Campers (Australie) Image-10
Weather its a spontaneous weekend escape, just ’cause the weather is good, or a  leisurely road trip along the Great Ocean Road, up up to the Barrier Reef,  the fully equipped BREEZE is  just perfect!
With it’s comfortable queens size bed, TV, Custom roll top pantry, slide out 2 burner cooker and draws in the wonderfully functional kitchen, it’s so relaxing and simple!
Just like it’s namesake, in every way… It’s a Breeze!

Riptide Teardrop Campers (Australie) Riptid12
Riptide Teardrop Campers (Australie) Riptid13

Riptide Teardrop Campers (Australie) Tsunam10
Riptide Teardrop Campers (Australie) Tsunam11
For those wanting a bit… or a LOT more adventure; we bring you the TSUNAMI Off Road teardrop camper!
Freaturing Timbren independent suspension options, hot dipped galvanised chassis, roof racks, 16″ Alloy Wheels, up to 90 litres of  Fridge storage, massive front storage box on extended drawbar and a list of standard features and options you will not believe…
Go Anywhere – In Style and Comfort!

Riptide Teardrop Campers (Australie) Summit10
Riptide Teardrop Campers (Australie) Riptid11
The Summit is the first in a new breed of compact Off Road campers from Riptide Campers.
With all the features of the Tsunami, the Summit offers a different style including a flat roof and tailgate that can enclose the kitchen. This also allows for a foxwing style awning to open right out over the rear camper for protection from the weather.
Coming in 2017

Riptide Teardrop Campers (Australie) Websit10

Riptide Teardrop Campers (Australie)

Riptide Teardrop Campers (Australie) Traile10


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