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"Pleasant Valley TeardropTrailers" or "Little Guy" ??? Previe10

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"Pleasant Valley TeardropTrailers" or "Little Guy" ???

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"Pleasant Valley TeardropTrailers" or "Little Guy" ??? Empty "Pleasant Valley TeardropTrailers" or "Little Guy" ???

Message par schoq le Sam 23 Juil 2016, 00:07

Suite à l'annonce de la séparation entre Pleasant Valley Teardrops trailer et Little Guy j'ai trouvé cette extrait de conversation sur un forum américain qui explique en grande partie les liens qui unissait ces deux entités.

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"Pleasant Valley TeardropTrailers" or "Little Guy"

Q: I often read in the forums about the T@B being a "Little Guy" trailer. My understanding is that the trailers (and brand) are Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers and that Little Guy is only the distributor. Is this correct?

R: I thought Pleasant Valley was the subcontractor/outsourcer for assembling T@Bs, but LG still made the smaller trailers...don't know if all this changes with the new facility.

R: I believe I remember Ed telling me that the T@B trailer rights were purchased by Pleasant Valley Trailers and is a product line of Pleasant Valley Trailer distributed through the Little Guy Dealer organization. All other trailers are Little Guy Trailers built by Pleasant Valley Trailers. All of the models where moving thru assembly when I was there in Nov just before moving to the new factory. Was very cool to see them under construction. The new Camper is also a Pleasant Valley Trailer Product. Hopefully, I remebered correctly.

R: Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers is the sole manufacturer for the Little Guy brand name. The factory (Pleasant Valley) is located in Sugar Creek, Ohio and the Little Guy office is located in Massillion, Ohio.

R: It is indeed a strange marriage of the two but they make good bed fellows, build a great product line and both entities work hand in hand together.

R:Not sure who owns PV...but it appears they're a separate legal entity...a sub-contractor to LG:

R: I think for T@B's it is the other way around- PV owns the design and manufacturing and LG is the distributor.

R: Pleasant Valley is the manufacturer and shipper - and Little Guy Worldwide is the distributor, and handles all the marketing. I would assume that LG owns the design, same as for the teardrops.

R: Joe Mullett is the President and owner of the Pleasant Valley Trailer Company and also owns the patent rights to the T@B trailer line that was previously built and owned by Dutchmen Trailers. Joe Kickos owns the patent rights to the Little Guy Trailer line and Little Guy World Wide, etc. (previously known as the Little Trailer Company formerly based/manufactured in Elkhardt, IN) and the PVTC builds the units for LGWW. Although both companies are separate entities they do collaborate and work hand in hand in both the marketing, design and distribution of the various product lines therein. Scott Hubble is the CEO at PVTC and also a partner of LGWW and interacts effectively with both companies. LGWW now has an office and presence at the new Sugar Creek facility, while also maintaining their current operations in Massillon, Ohio. They are looking at and considering building yet another factory in future years as their product line grows and if they are on target with current goals set..... This from a company that was on the brink of bankruptcy and shutting down operations years ago.


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