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The First Design of the Weekender Previe10

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The First Design of the Weekender

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The First Design of the Weekender Empty The First Design of the Weekender

Message par schoq le Ven 22 Juil 2016, 13:25

The First Design of the Weekender Benroy
The Weekender
Some more thoughts about this design.
* It's built on a 4x8 trailer, not my favorite size, but it's very easy to get trailers in the 4x8 size, and it's also easy to find materials in the 4x8 size.
*It's painted with epoxy paint. No need to buy aluminum for the sides, no need to bend angle or t-molding, or put in a million and 1 screws
* It uses a fantastic fan (vent) instead of an air conditioner. I later worked on some air conditioner designs, but if you're looking to minimize your woodworking, stay away from the a/c at first. You can always go back and add it later.
* It uses windows and door handles from Grant Whipp. I'll give you his URL in the links section
* It uses fenders from Northern Tool
* It can be a very affordable, and quick design, albeit a little bit on the heavy side.
* You can build the body with about 8 sheets of plywood. The interior plywood is additional...
* The plan is to use a battery to run the fantastic fan and the lights.
* The hatch is easy to build. Just cut a piece of plywood to the right size.
* The 4x8 version will take a 3/4 full mattress


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