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1946 International Harvest K1 Woody Wagon (SOLD)

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1946 International Harvest K1 Woody Wagon (SOLD)

Message par mbchoq le Dim 11 Déc 2016, 20:29

très belle restauration !!! Bel ensemble !

*source chaîne youtube MotoeXotica Classic Cars

RARE Woody Wagon! Believed to be ONE of TWELVE IN EXISTANCE!!!
Frame Up Restoration!
Includes Restored Matching Trailer!
Original Inline Six Cylinder Engine!
Original Wood Recently Refinished!
Fresh, New Paint!
Manual Transmission!
MotoeXotica Classic Cars is ecstatic to offer the EXTREMELY RARE 1946 International Harvester K-1 Woody Wagon you see pictured. This, ladies and gentlemen, is believed to be ONE of TWELVE left in existence today! Very rarely does the public get the opportunity to purchase a vehicle this rare! This Woody has benefitted from a complete frame up restoration, comes with a matching and restored trailer and is a SERIOUS investment piece!

“Woody” bodies were added to International Harvester’s durable K-1 pickup truck line to make these unique and rare beauties! Approximately 500 of these International Woodies were built and fewer than 12 are believed to be left in existence. This particular Woody you see below went through a professional and thorough frame up restoration in the recent past. This K-1 Woody is just about as rare as a unicorn in this shape!

The exterior has been professional resprayed Dark Green while the original wood paneling has been professionally refinished. The outside of the Woody looks both rustic and stunning while the black vinyl roof is also in good condition. The K-1 sits upon a set of 6.50-16 old school white wall tires.

The dark brown bench seats have been restored and look great. The dashboard and gauges appear to be original and look fantastic. The windshield wipers are inoperable. The front windshield does open up to let a cool breeze inside the car. The vibes of the Woody, both inside and out, make you feel as if you’re getting geared up to spend a weekend in the great outdoors. There is a small trophy included in the purchase of this vehicle stating that it was the winner of the “Valley Motor Club” back in 2007!

The matching trailer is titled as a 1939 and has been completely and totally restored. The teardrop shaped trailer attaches easily to the trailer hitch on the wagon and will be a great accessory for any weekend camping trip! It even has a fold out kitchenette on the back!

The engine is the original inline 6-cylinder engine. Attached to the engine is a manual transmission. Obviously, the original engine makes this Woody even more mystical and rare than it already is! This Woody is a seriously great driver. It shifts smooth and runs like a top! Please see our video to watch the Woody in action. This would be an awesome vehicle to take the family out for ice cream on a warm summers day!

With its great frame up restoration, matching trailer and refinished original wood on throughout, this International Harvester K-1 Woody Wagon is a perfect investment piece for any collection or could even be the Holy Grail of any International Harvester collection or Woody collection!!! The VIN is AD4505011 and the mileage currently shows 72,885. It is being sold on a clean and clear Montana title. GET OUT AND DRIVE!!! [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]

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Re: 1946 International Harvest K1 Woody Wagon (SOLD)

Message par charlevoix418 le Lun 12 Déc 2016, 12:31

Des heures de plaisir en sablage et vernissage!
Membre companion
Membre companion

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Re: 1946 International Harvest K1 Woody Wagon (SOLD)

Message par mbchoq le Lun 12 Déc 2016, 18:45

ah ah !! c'est le cas de le dire !! Laughing

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Re: 1946 International Harvest K1 Woody Wagon (SOLD)

Message par Contenu sponsorisé

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